Thursday, February 19, 2009

What is ONE thing...

You've always wanted to do and STILL hope to do before you die? Morbid, right? Yeah, a little bit but I deal with 12 year olds all day so I sometimes have to fight off the horrible, random thoughts that pop into my head (keeps me sane...or something...)I think everyone should have their own "Bucket List"....

One thing I've always wanted to do and would really really really like to do in the near future is write a book....I'm not talking Nora Roberts smut-style or create an uber-literary empire a la JK Rowling (although how f-ing awesome would THAT be???) But Vince and I have actually talked about writing a children's book together, we've even kind of come up with a little series. AND recently my sister and I are talking about delving into the world of writing together....I sure hope it can happen, but like anything BIG, how the hell do you start??? We're not even sure WHERE to start, WHAT to do first, WHO to talk to, etc...but I hope that doesn't stop us!

So, what is on YOUR bucket list that you honestly think you will accomplish? (and if you know anyone in the publishing world let me

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  1. That's so cool Anne - You should do it!
    I signed up for a writers' conference this spring, if I learn anything helpful, I'll pass it along!