Monday, February 16, 2009

So is it a BAD thing???

That we had a cleaning lady come today?  I mean, I do a pretty decent job of keeping things relatively-semi-kind of-partially-for the most part cleaned up so paying someone who is WILLING to scrub my toilets and vacuum Goldfish crackers out of my couch is acceptable RIGHT?  I mean, honestly...who can manage to keep their house "welcome to my spotless-eat off of my toilet seat-take your f-ing shoes off or I'll kick your ass" kind of clean ALL THE TIME???  Shit ain't happenin' at my house.  Dishes are done, everyone has clean clothes, everything has it's place...that's MORE than acceptable as far as I'm concerned...ok, so the fact that everything has it's place doesn't mean it always FINDS it's way there but I'm not perfect dammit...

So come on over to my house, you can keep your shoes on and I won't kick your ass (Vince might though) and you may trip over a pair of shoes or a stray toy but I'll keep you entertained and I may even feed you (although I don't recommend eating off of my toilet seats...)

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