Sunday, January 4, 2009

Feeling motivated...

So let's hope it lasts!  Granted it's only day 4 of the new year, I'm hoping that if I get into enough of a routine with becoming organized the things I do will become second nature and I'll wonder how I ever got along without them!!  

Today's goal is to figure out how to organize the girls' closet to accommodate Ryan's clothes...I have a tiny little dresser in there for her but now that she's getting bigger, her clothes are getting bigger and her dresser is exploding.  Right now I just shove crap in there with no rhyme or reason (and I REALLY mean's tight in there!)  So I'm thinking I need to hang stuff at this point because there is NO room in either bedroom for another dresser...And once her clothes are organized better, putting laundry away will be easier, picking clothes out for each day will be easier...etc...

I'm also taking a look at my menu for the week to determine what I can do TODAY to prep myself for easier dinner during the week:

SUNDAY:  roasted chicken with vegetables  (chicken is defrosted ready to go)
MONDAY: leftover chicken with gravy over mashed potatoes (I'll just chop extra potatoes tonight for tomorrow too)
TUESDAY: "kids choice" meaning Vince is working late so if they want cereal for dinner, have at it!  :)
WEDNESDAY: a quiche of some sort and salad, I have a pie crust and a dozen eggs to use up...
THURSDAY: steak lo mein (will just pull the steak strips out of the freezer on Wednesday)
FRIDAY: brainer :)

Ok, off to feed the monsters so I can figure out my plan of attack for Ryan's clothes...


  1. Wow you are organizing!! Wish I could plan my meals for the week. Maybe you can be my inspiration!!!

  2. sounds yummy...and congrats on your new blog

  3. I'm finally here checking out your blog! As far as the closet thing (were you asking for suggestions? I'll give them anyway), with my older two in one room together, what I have is the closet maid shelves about tummy-high (to me) for the older one with longer clothes that she can get herself and all their pants, and then another shelf above that (at about the top of my head-level) for the littler ones. (Yes, I have Gretchen's clothes hanging in there too) Her clothes don't hang as far down and I usually pick things out for her anyway, so this works. On top of that is storage for games, toys and blankets and stuff we don't use a lot.

    I'm still reading, so I promise to comment more!