Thursday, January 8, 2009


YUCK...especially if you have boys...even bigger YUCK.  Some odd laws of physics dictate that they CANNOT hit the's huge, how can they miss?  But somehow they do...YUCK.

I have a can of lysol wipes under the sink in all four of my bathrooms.  My kids have now made it a habit to wipe down the counter at night after they have brushed their teeth; they each get a wipe for their sink then they do the counter and it's not spotless but at least cleaner than before they started!  Then I use one to go around the toilet...YUCK

I also use those "self cleaning" tablets in my toilet tanks.  It's not a substitute for the scrubbing that does take place eventually but it keeps them relatively clean in the mean time!

But I like my lysol's becoming a habit to swipe one across the counter when I'm done in there in the morning...lysol wipes make my bathroom a happy place...

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