Saturday, February 2, 2008

I need to do an updated picture BUT am happily laid up in bed right now getting ready to hopefully pass out for at least 8 hours (minus several trips to the Had a garage sale today, made close to $500! WOOHOO! Of course it sucked that Vince didn't come home so I was on my own...but when DOESN'T it suck with him gone????

Anyway, off to bed if baby lets me....getting my ass kicked from the inside out right now! LOVE this part! (remind me of that in a few months when he/she is stuck in my

And to my scrappy me get out of my rut, I haven't done ANYTHING in about a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. WOW! Great garage sale! Hey, we have some awesome challenges at Scrapbook Doodle that might help get you outta that rut! I can't wait to see pics from MN!

  2. glad you are doing well!! Can't wait to see an updated pic! You can use my mojo this weekend if you want.........dalton is having a sleep over party, so i'm pretty sure i won't have time to use it!

  3. awesome garage need to sell at miss you over at the doodle girlie...we need new pics of you and the belly