Wednesday, January 9, 2008

UGH...back into the "one post a month" rut....I plead the holidays as my excuse! And look who ate too many sugar cookies.......hee hee

We are now 19 weeks and 2 days pregnant with #3 and feeling pretty good! Had my "big" ultrasound last week but didn't find out what we've got cookin' in there, I was a good girl and didn't cave! So we won't know until June!! Any guesses???

Had a great Christmas, just as hectic as we expected, hopefully I can get pictures loaded soon as Sam had a very big winter in MN...first time skiing AND ice skating! She had a blast, Alex was not as big of a fan of the snow however!

So now it's back to the same ol' routine, Vince gone during the week, back to school, neglecting laundry and dishes...sigh...someday I'll get caught up!


  1. You look adorable pregnant! I would have caved! Good for you!

  2. Look at you!! I would have caved too... lol! You look just darling!! I say this bumdle of joy is a Girl! But subject to change if we have an "official" pool! ;)
    Miss you!!

  3. i would have caved too!! i'm going to say girl too!!
    glad you had a good trip! can't wait to see some snow pics!

  4. Ooww.. look at you.. you beautiful mommy!!!!! So happy you're feeling ok!! XOXO

  5. I totally would of caved!! You are too cute!! Here is my baby blog I hope you are doing good :)