Sunday, October 15, 2006

I just realized something that I've been doing for the past several weeks...checking in at various sites (ie KMA) BEFORE I even bother checking my email to see if I have any from Vince. Does that seem odd?? Don't ya think I'd be rushing to check to see if he has emailed me at all??? I used to, but now since I hear from him so rarely, I figure what's the rush? How friggin sad is that? The way this deployment has been going for the past month is so totally different from any other deployment, even when he was in Iraq. At least when he was over there, he had a valid excuse for not emailing regularly. I don't buy into the "I'm busy" bullshit...EVERYONE is fucking busy!!!!!!!!!!!! Does he not think I'm busy with a full time job, 2 kids, a house and everything that goes along with it?!?!?! It pisses me off, but of course I feel I can't "burden" him with that...he is after all, so very busy....


  1. Isn't it strange? Sometimes I feel more connected to my "imaginary friends" than the "real" people in my life too! Glad we can be there to be your "support system"...
    although, it must be so frustrating (and scary) to be totally out of contact with your husband! Hope you hear from him soon! Meanwhile - *hugs*!

  2. i agree pat! i sometimes feel more connected to my "imaginary" friends than ones i see on weekly basis.
    hope things get better for you soon anne! you know we are here for you and hope you hear from vince soon!