Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ok, so my DT gig at Busy Bee is beyond awesome...I love all of the other girls on the team (talk about UBER TALENTED) and Heather, the owner, runs quite possibly one of the COOLEST sites on the net...super sweet, awesome customer service, and GENEROUS....wanna know how generous she is????

First of all, she offers this super sweet deal called "Busy Bee Bucks" Everytime you chat, you earn bucks that you can turn around and spend in her store!!! HELLO?!?!?!?! How friggin cool is that? Earn shopping $$ just for talking???? And NOW, there is a new contest going on and you have to get your hineys RIGHT HERE and check it out! Ok, so a CUTTLEBUG just for chatting??? Do I need to mention again how rockin' awesome Heather is??? I THINK NOT!

So all ya need to do is register, introduce yourselves (tell 'em I sent ya) and then jump in all of the fun we have on the boards, easy enough, right!!!!!! Can't wait to see you all over at Busy Bee !!!!!!!


  1. I am SOOOOO on this!! I'll check it out as soon as I can my friend!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. awesome anne!! i'll have to check it out! thanks for the invite!

  3. Wow! getting paid for chatting? I know a few gals who could be rich rich rich! LOL!