Thursday, September 13, 2007

HORRIBLE BLOGGER! I have now been yelled at by THREE friends to thanks to Nancy, Janice, and Lucy I am now updated! :) And special thanks to other bloggy/scrappy friend Pat for helping me figure out how to put active links within a post! :)

Ok, so school has officially started and I miss my summer vacation! I love my kids though, I have a really good group this year (so far, anyway!) Sam is LOVING first grade and is getting pretty darn good at reading, she's growing up too fast! Alex turned 3 last week and I'm so sad that I have no baby left :( He's all "guy" now (we get yelled at if we call him a big boy...he says he's a "guy")And SUPER to FINALLY meet my super crazy talented friend Nancy from the Netherlands!!! She and her adorable boyfriend Pascal are doing a whirlwind vacation along the west coast and I got to hang out with her and Janice for a few hours last weekend, she is a DOLL and I wish both she and Janice lived next door! :)

So there ya go...hopefully it won't be 3 weeks before I update again, if that's the case girls..come after me!


  1. Good job with the links Anne - and just wait until your "baby" starts dating - Aaaaccckkkk!
    (Love the pics!)

  2. hey you the kids look great and she has your smile...I hope you have a great school year chica

  3. Hey Anne!! Your daughter looks so much like you! Too funny about Alex! too cute! I'm so jealous that you got to hang out with Janice & Nancy VdB! Hopefully one of these days all us S4L girls can get together! Wouldn't that be cool!

  4. Anne,
    I am glad to see that everything is going well. Your children are so good looking!!!!

  5. YAAAAYYYYY.. you updated again!! WOOHOO!!!!! Girlie, I'm so happy that we got to meet last week!!! You're such a sweetie! Wish we had more time to catch up and stuff like that... I bet we would have had a blast the 3 of us going to that awesome LSS in Carlsbad! Oh well, we'll do that next time.. whahaha!! We're leaving the US tomorrow to go back home.. unfortunately time went by way to fast!!! XOXO Nancy

  6. Love the pics! The kids are definetly growing way tooooooo fast!
    So cool that you got to meet some online friends! and i'm glad i'm not the only one that hadn't updated in a while! LOL

  7. Oh girl.. it won't be 3 weeks until your next update!! I'll make sure of that!! LOL! We sure did have fun.. and as Nancy said... wish we had more time! But, I'll take what I can get! What a "Big Guy"!! and Darling 1st grader!!