Tuesday, May 15, 2007

On Friday, May 4th, there was a horrible accident right near my school...we heard the sirens during 5th period, we commented on how many we heard, wondering what was going on...little did we know how horrible it would be. The Coble family was coming home from their son Kyle's Mother's Day tea at his preschool, they were hit from behind by a semi truck...all 3 of their children were killed in the accident. I cannot imagine the unspeakable pain their parents must be feeling, you should SEE the community...on EVERY SINGLE tree, sign, lamppost there are 3 ribbons; 2 pink and 1 blue...for Emma (age 4), Katie (age 2) and Kyle (had just turned 5 the day before the accident). It breaks my heart to think of that family and their pain and suffering, that Lori and Chris Coble will never hug their babies again, never wrap another birthday present, never coach another little league game...I consider myself a person of great faith, but tragedies like this make me question Him and the things that happen in this world. Why THEM? Why this family? Why 3 babies who had so much life left? Hug your babies tighter for a mother and father who can't anymore...



  1. My heart breaks for the parents ....hugs and prayers for them

  2. Oh my gosh! How awful!
    prayers from me too...