Sunday, March 4, 2007

HOLY MOLY it's been forever!!!!!!!!!!! Just goes to show I don't have as much to bitch about when Vince is home :) If I do, I just bitch to him.....unless it's ABOUT him....then I call my sister!

Things are going well here, busy as always....the BIG news is, we have officially decided we are DONE having kids. We'd been going back and forth on it for a while now, but tonight Vince flat out told me he has no desire to have a 3rd child. I was expecting it and we had both been leaning in that direction, but I was suprised at how disappointed I was to hear it verbalized with such finality. I don't think I'm mentally prepared to be done having babies, but this is one thing that we can't compromise on...we can go back and forth about the color we want for our countertops, or what kind of pizza to order ;) but we can't "kind of" have a's either yes or no and it looks like we're done....


  1. finally bogged

    I know the feeling Anne but remember you have two awesome kids and hubby that loves you. Its a great blessing and we love yah girl

  2. hey girl! good to see you bloggin' again! It is different when the decision is final.........than if you are still thinking about it!

    For some reason it just makes you FEEL different!