Friday, December 8, 2006

It still hasn't sunk in that he's coming home...I'm not in denial or anything like that (as someone suggested "not-so-nicely") it just seems so surreal to me. He hasn't been in this house for SIX MONTHS and the thought of him being here seems a VERY VERY VERY good way! It will probably hit me on Wednesday night at about 11:30 or so as I'm rushing around making sure I have as much done as I possibly can...and I KNOW I'll still scramble around on Thursday before we leave to pick him up!

It just seems like Thursday will NEVER get here! Thankfully I have enough going on in the next 5 days that will keep me insanely busy, I'd go nuts waiting otherwise! Sooooooooooo lose a few pounds, finish painting Alex's room, clean the house and we should be set! :) FIVE MORE DAYS!!!!


  1. uh oh! who's not playing nice??? give me their number.........
    Holy Cow only 5 more days!!!! that is sooooo awesome and i'll totally understand if we don't see you for a few days after he gets here LOL did you find your ms claus??

  2. WHo is not being nice??? Get ya ya after He is almost here and this so exciting!!!!