Saturday, November 25, 2006

MAYBE December 14th?!?!??! I got an email from another wife the other night telling me this is "THE DATE" for them to come home! But Vince has yet to spill the proverbial beans on that one...I think he's being cautious, doesn't want to get my hopes up or anything, understandable I guess but at least we now have a tentative date to look forward to! SO much more concrete than, "in a few weeks we hope" Hopefully we'll know for sure soon! We got to talk to him the other day and unfortunately after he talked to the kids, he and I got cut I was babbling about Christmas lights! :( We never got to say I love you, and I hate it if our conversations don't end that way. I haven't heard from him since, not even an email. Today would be a great day to hear from him, I need him right now. Well I ALWAYS need him, but today is especially bad. I'm just ready to be done...pretty sure I've said that about a billion times by now! On a slightly more cheerful note, the house is decorated; looking and smelling (cinnamon pinecones..yum!) very Christmasy and ready for him to come home! :)


  1. oh anne that's awesome!! that's like 2 weeks away :) so does this mean on or around that date you will be occupied and we won't hear from you for a few days?? LOL
    so sorry your phone call got cut off, i don't like to end calls that way either. glad you got your house all decorated and smelling you can relax some and enjoy the holidays.

  2. thats awesome..congrats!!!!!!!!!!